Sedona, Arizona

A little Bit About US

There is a profound quality about Sedona that stays with us long after our excursion in the land of the red rocks has ended. We take pictures, take hikes and try to hold onto our memories of majestic crimson cliffs and ancient, piñon pine trees.

It is natural to yearn to have the peace and serenity of Sedona and to hold on to those memories as we go back to our busy lives.

Red Rock Impressions is a locally-owned store, striving to enhance your memories and experience of Sedona. We offer a select assortment of fine women's clothing, resort wear and jewelry from unique manufactures locally and around the USA.

We are pleased to offer you the exceptional service that you need and the exceptional product that you seek: Your lasting reminder of Sedona. 

Apparel and resort wear

Red Rock Impressions